Kia rite, kia mataara, amohia!


prepare yourself emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically to evolve


be diligent, attentive and fully comprehensive in setting a strong foundation to evolve from, and in defining what purpose you serve


execute and move, continuing to manage opportunities, measure outcomes, and maximise your potential and continual development 

amohia about us

About Us

Amohia is a family owned parent brand to ventures such as Kiwa Eco Escapes and Whai - Personal Evolution Programs.

Amohia also has shareholdings in software company Wākāinga and personal training course provider Fit Futures Academy.

Amohia also runs a non-profit whānau platfrom - Rapua Te Hikurangi, designed to aid whānau in reconnecting with their Māoritanga.

Past brands sold and no longer under the Amohia banner that have been created, founded, or brought to New Zealand and Australia by the Amohia whānau are: Boot Camps Australia, Quest Health Clubs, Snap Fitness 24/7 Fitness clubs, 9Round Kickboxing Fitness clubs, MyFirstGym—Inspiring Movement in Kids, Cadence Beats—HIIT Studios, and retention software company MasterFit.

We endeavour to provide experiences and platforms for individuals, families, and teams to continually evolve and improve, utilising both a spiritual and comprehensive approach.

Each brand within the Amohia portfolio has its own unique identity and contributions that enable evolution and development on many levels, therefore creating a robust and definitive foundation from which both physical well-being and mental resilience can be forged.

Our innovative team boasts many years of experience in industries such as health and fitness, sales and marketing, education, adventure tourism, and business management.

Amohia has aspirations to reach and help as many people as possible using current and future operations and systems.

"Kia rite, kia mataara, amohia!"

(Prepare, be diligent in your preparation, execute!) 

Our Brands' Objectives

Whakatakanga - Mission
Whakatakanga - Mission

to aid in the development of determined individuals, family units and teams whilst supporting them in making informed, calculated and strategic decisions

Strategy 1
Strategy 1

to increase strength - through foundation, implementation and adherence

Strategy 2
Strategy 2

to create knowledge - through, information, realisation and sharing

Strategy 3
Strategy 3

to promote unity - through, collaboration, enthusiasm and enjoyment

logo concepts 06

Why Amohia - what's in a name?

Our parent brands' tuakiri or identity - Amohia carries weight, a weight filled with love, remembrance, forethought and action.

Firstly, Te Amo, was the name of Korey's great grandmother who has ancestral lineage to Ngāti Huia, Ngāti Raukawa, Ngāti Tama and Ngāi Tahu iwi. Adding to that, the Amo are the strong upright bargeboard supports of the lower ends of the maihi of the front of a meeting house or wharenui. Amo also means to carry or bear weight on the shoulder, like taking your whānau and all those who have gone before you, with you on your journey.

Furthermore, Amohia, means to attack! Execute! Get stuck in and simply do what needs to be done to accomplish your objectives.

Our whakatauākī or message we live by - "kia rite, kia mataara, amohia" reminds us to prepare well within all realms, to then be very diligent in our preparation to ensure success, and finally, to simply believe in your ability, preparation and to execute all that you now know and all that you now are and will become.

Our tohu or logo focuses on the wharenui and all that it entails - security, prosperity, sharing, love and remembrance. The amo are shown in order to remind us that bearing load and pressure is all a part of life and creates resilience. The tekoteko can also be seen, this promotes aspiration to lead and guide others.

The side on profile of the wharenui portrays a traditional red / ochre colour. - befitting of chiefs. The negative space letter “A” enables the maihi and tekoteko to be seen clearly.

The negative space on the wharenui between “A” and “M” and “A” and “I” utilises chiefly colours representative of my kuia - Te Amo, and all our other kuia also. The layout is modern, forward thinking and progressive.

We see our tohu as being both a contemporary and traditional logo where the colours, although chiefly, are representative of remaining humble in victory and hungry in defeat, whilst always looking for opportunities to evolve - the evolution adaptation highlighted in the white colouring of the word Amo - representing Te Ao Mārama - the world of light, and opportunity.

Meet the Amohia Whānau



Korey has a rich history in health and fitness, spanning over 24 years. He has transitioned through various roles, from membership consultant to personal trainer, fitness studio owner, and founder of multiple fitness ventures across Australia and New Zealand, including Boot Camps Australia, Quest Health Clubs, Snap Fitness clubs, and boutique fitness clubs.

Beyond business, Korey has achieved in sports, family life, and cultural engagement, winning MMA titles, representing his country in sports, and cherishing his Māori heritage.

His focus extends beyond financial success to personal growth, relationships, and cultural richness.

He emphasises the importance of connection through family and nature and continually seeks personal evolution to perform at his peak performance.

His ultimate goal is to empower others to lead with legacy at front of mind.



Tessa is a devoted partner and mother with a passion for sports such as skiing, snowboarding, water skiing, and endurance events.

With a background as a personal trainer, she is deeply interested in nutrition and natural supplementation for optimal health.

She is also an enthusiastic advocate and speaker of Te Reo Māori, having completed advanced language courses and worked within the Kōhanga Reo system.

While Tessa misses her work with children in the Kōhanga system, she is now focused on personal research into longevity through nutrition and plans to study Māori Medicine in the future.

Known for her hospitality, Tessa ensures all visitors to whānau-owned enterprises have an exceptional experience.